How this fierce fintech launched into market through full digital transformation

By Jo Stanlake - Feb 19, 2020 11:35:06 AM


The Challenge: Creating a new brand and automated digital platform to support start-up growth

Founded in 2019 with the ethos of empowering women to make better financial decisions for their future selves, Super Fierce was a business in need of a suitably fierce brand. But not just your average corporate identity. This fintech needed a family of fonts, imagery and messaging that best represented the incredible strength of its business model and strategically positioned it to tackle a challenging market.

It needed to create a thriving community, communicate complex topics and send out hugs, all in one moment.

As an Australian-based start-up, the lean team behind Super Fierce also needed strong technical support to custom develop their sophisticated behind-the-scenes algorithm into a web-based calculator and dashboard that would engage your average person and provide a seamless customer interaction within their digital platform. The product needed to be reliable, accurate and secure. And it needed to integrate with a beautiful, new website and their Hubspot CRM software to effectively capture and nurture a growing audience.

The rather disparate demands here saw Super Fierce approach BlueRock Digital for a full-service partnership that could offer business acumen, a deep understanding of the financial services environment and digital expertise across the challenging development, design and marketing challenges.

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The Solution: Digital transformation through a bold brand, custom development and software integrations

BlueRock Digital set to work on a full go-to-market strategy with a focus on 2 core streams of work: brand strategy and web development, and software development and integrations. The collaborative approach saw Super Fierce involved in ideation sessions, strategy workshops, agile sprint planning and even cohabitating in the BlueRock office a few days a week.

It was, and continues to be, all hands on deck.

Within 3 weeks, a beautiful visual brand emerged through the creative direction of BlueRock Digital’s senior designer and a full brand strategy now informs the production of ongoing collateral and digital content. This allowed the BlueRock Digital team to quickly spin up a landing page that would engage and convert an early-stage audience, while the team continued work on the larger-scale website and integrations.

BlueRock Digital’s software engineer had also been moving quickly on the custom development of the online calculator and dashboard, which would be the key interaction tool for customers to compare their superannuation performance and make informed decisions about their financial investments. The results of this huge undertaking have been nothing short of remarkable.

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The Results: Strong customer engagement with a unique new brand and powerful automations through the online calculator

Through a strong partnership with the Super Fierce team, BlueRock Digital was able to produce an exciting new brand that showcases the business across a number of digital platforms, including their website, landing pages and social media profiles.

According to Super Fierce Founder, Trenna, it met her ambitious goals of being a financial services brand that people would want to wear.

On the development front, the Super Fierce team loved the unexpected moment when the 30 minutes of painful, manual tasks typically required to transform the incredibly complicated algorithm into a workable report for their customers was now simplified into the push of a button.

A new website houses the calculator and dashboard portal, and provides users a seamless and simple customer experience. The website also integrates with Hubspot for lead management, marketing automations and attribution tracking.

Super Fierce is now ready to scale on the foundations of a robust, digitised solution that has provided the foundation for compliance and brand authority.

Client Testimonial

Trenna Probert, Founder, Super Fierce

"I didn’t come in expecting to work with a team of people that could just get it done, let alone completely exceed expectations and continually push for the best possible solution.

I'm not a first-time entrepreneur, so I made the choice to work with BlueRock Digital based on the holistic value that BlueRock provides. What drew me to BlueRock Digital specifically is the high level of corporate expertise, deep understanding of the demands of the financial services environment, and a pedigree of senior team members to provide confidence in the digital deliverables.

I loved the approach they took to invest time and thinking into the vital operations and business systems that would set us up for success, mapping the full process from the beginning. 'We may be building a dream house but we start with the foundations first and we need a plan.' I always knew what was coming with the business and it made a lot of sense to work with BlueRock Digital from beginning to end.

You can choose to engage with BlueRock Digital in many different ways but the way that nets the most results is to build a partnership. The team is not just a supplier to me; they have Super Fierce in their hearts and they are an extension of our own team." 

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